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All Players MUST Read

Posted by Aurora on September 7, 2013 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Members of Diabolic-WoW!

As you may be aware we have been gone a long period of time and things are changed and in the process of changing... We cannot stress this enough and we hope you will follow our rules and regulations as we have done so much to make this happen.


1. Please no hacking or fly hacking, this also includes damage hacks, speed hacks, long jump hacks and anything that is on HitchHikers hack!

2. Please be respectful to staff as we do not ask much of you, just to cooperate with our rules and regulations.

3. Please be nice to other players, its a small world guys and here at Diabolic-WoW we do believe in Karma.

4. Do not spam chat!

5. There is no easy way out of anything unless you are a quitter so please take gaming and everyones game time seriously.

6. Do not post innapropriate things on the forums such as; sexual, meaningless, pornographical, or even too much cussing.

7. Ban appeals should be made only once and not 2-3 times. If you get denied you get denied.

8. Please only report a player if you have proof of there wrong doing.

9. Follow all Rules and Regulations.

10. Enjoy your gaming experience on Diabolic-WoW!

Connection Guide

Posted by Aurora on September 7, 2013 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello New Players,

Here I will be giving a connection guide to connect to our server. To connect you must Register and make an Account. After making an account you want to open your World of Warcraft folder, you want to click Data - enUS/enGB/enEU - find a notepad called realmlist.wtf and open it with Notepad, remove all information in there and set the realmlist to the following... Set Realmlist

Once done with this, go back to the World of Warcraft main folder, delete a folder called "Cache" you do not need this folder and should delete this folder each time before entering game. 

After following these steps you should be able to connect, sometimes be aware our server may be down for Maintnance please be patient with us as it will be back up afterward shortly. 

With anyone questions regarding this step by step process, leave a comment below or use the Contact Us tab found on the website.

Regards, Lexi